I’m Upset: I Have Wasted Years of My Life Reading Product Reviews

December 11, 2019

Last week, I bought a pillow. It only took me — and I swear this isn’t an exaggeration — about five years to pick one.

In that vast time period, my wife listened to me complain about how terrible my now ex-pillow was while trying to figure out where her de-tagged, clearly superior pillow came from. A few years ago, she very sweetly bought me a new pillow, but my head wasn’t at quite the right angle with it when my arm was in my prefered under-pillow position. I didn’t just want a pillow, I realized. I wanted the best pillow. Or maybe the best pillow for the money, if I had to sink that low. So I kept Googling and reading about pillows and wondering whether I actually slept on my side or if it was more like my stomach and what my opinions on down were and whether I would really adjust an adjustable pillow and how firm I wanted it to be and then not buying anything.

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